Weight Loss for Christian Women...
How To Get Rid of Diets
Once and For All

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A message from Anna...

This webinar is Hope for YOU.

If you're struggling with extra weight that just won't budge, deal with energy crashes, find yourself craving junk foods and stimulants, feel a bit depressed about your direction in life and just feel like you're "stuck in a rut," then register NOW for this webinar.

We're going to show you...

A woman has sweet food snacks around her on in a grocery store. She has fear and there are donuts and cookies. Use it for a health or diet concept.

Secret #1: How to Beat the Food Addictions You Are Fighting

Kill The Sugar / food "Opiate" Addictions and Properly Feed Your Cravings.

Wooden bowl of cashew nuts from above. On dark wood.

Secret #2: How to Keep that Extra Weight OFF

Without Diets, Hassle, And Failure Cycles.

Mature couple with arms outstretched over a blue sky background

Secret #3: How To End People-Pleasing, Fear, And Gain Healthy Boundaries

Which Cause You to Self-Medicate with Emotional Eating

About the Instructor

Anna Burt is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with several years of direct clinical experience and 30+ years of personal health experience.  She has additional training through the Weston A. Price Foundation.

As a child she was blessed to grow up in a holistic family that had been influenced and guided by the acclaimed doctor and best-selling author, Henry G. Bieler.  Bieler discovered the natural route to heal his colon cancer completely, and went on to treat thousands of patients with “incurable” diseases.  He was a genius in understanding the nature of toxemia and what the organs need (individually and collectively) to heal.  Anna witnessed family members regaining their health under his supervision and, by God’s grace, also found healing in later years from a few bouts with stress-induced illness.

Anna has successfully coached a very close family member through 4th stage colon cancer, and another through chronic fatigue, as well as having herself journeyed through complete recovery of gut health after severe gastritis and peptic inflammation.  Now she guides individuals and couples through nutritional- and lifestyle-based therapies which restore abundant life!

She loves the ministry of intercession and outreach, playing piano, foraging for wild medicinals, teaching her girls how to cook holistically, “crunchy”-coffee-shop-and-health-food-store-hopping, and random road trips.

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Access 2 weeks of delicious meals that can include animal products or switch out the quality fish, meat and dairy to be totally plant-based. 

For the individual with the busy lifestyle or work schedule, these menus are exceptionally-designed to provide:

  • the weekly menu
  • all necessary recipes
  • and full shopping lists for 1 or 2 people

You may well find yourself having a lot of FUN in the process!

Eating well has never been easier!

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