Upgraded Pizza Hacks

Upgraded Pizza “Hacks”

This post is going to be one of those “short and sweet” posts giving you a few ideas for how to upgrade the all-American sweetheart…pizza.

CRUST Need to cut the blood-sugar-skyrocketing carb count?  Opt for a cauliflower crust instead of regular wheat flour crust.  You can purchase cauliflower pizzas (several different brands!) at most any grocery store that has a respectable-size health food section.

CHEESE I think I know what you’re thinking – “How can cheese ever be replaced?!”  Considering that cheese is a difficult protein to digest healthfully, and, considering it usually has a load of salt, as well as acid-forming cheese enzymes, you may want to consider healthier alternatives to it.  Buy raw milk cheese in very small quantities and freeze it – then grate it lightly onto the TOP of your pizza, which will give your tastebuds a pleasant “hello!” as you bite into your slice.  Also, try cheese alternatives (and I don’t mean that you should use tofu or other soy-based items).  You can also use chunks of Hearts of palm to give the nice cheesy texture.  Along those lines, try nutritional yeast flakes – those are good, too.  Make a savory pizza using a pesto instead of a cheese as a base.  Or, just go with a tomato base, lots of veggies, and some other toppings.

TOMATO SAUCE If you’re avoiding tomatoes, you’ll want to try this:  Keep frozen red peppers on hand, and then pull one out and grate it on top of your pizza.  It looks amazingly like tomato sauce since it’s red.  Sometimes people avoid tomatoes because they are too acidic; they also avoid them if they are healing their gut and are cutting out this type of vegetable.  If you’re avoiding the nightshade vegetables, please be advised that pepper and paprika (as well as a few others) are included in this category.  Still, when I was dealing with gut health recovery, I found that peppers were easier on my stomach than were tomatoes.  You can also use low-acid heirloom tomatoes and make a sauce or paste instead of using regular tomato sauce or paste.

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