Keep the Sweets | Ditch the Sugar

Keep the Sweets | Ditch the Sugar

A friend of mine posted this morning: “According to a study done by Loma Linda University, when you eat 100 grams of sugar, about as much sugar as you find in a 1 liter bottle of soda or lots of little pieces of candy, your white blood cells are 40 percent less effective at killing germs. This can cripple your immune system for up to 5 hours after eating sugar.

Sugar impacts your white blood cells by competing for space in those cells with Vitamin C. When Linus Pauling did research in the 1970s to find out how the body uses Vitamin C, he discovered that white blood cells need Vitamin C to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Sugar and Vitamin C are similar in their chemical structure. When you eat sugar, it directly competes for space in your immune cells with Vitamin C! The more sugar in your system, the less Vitamin C can get into your white blood cells. Sugar DOES NOT help your immune system fight infection at all.”

Yikes. And sugar has been found to be at least 6 times more addictive than crack cocaine! When rats are given the choice between sugar water and crack cocaine, guess which they gravitated to? It was the sugar water. Every time.

When you metabolize sugar, you have to use your own personal stores of calcium and other nutrients, because sugar is very acidic (toxic) and requires much neutralization in the body. Sugar raises inflammation, and inflammation brings pain and is the environment in which disease can occur.

What about depression? Individuals who consume sugar on a regular basis (it hides in seemingly tame foods, like yogurt, processed salad dressings and breads) have a higher incidence of depression. Sugar wreaks havoc on your gut flora. Your gut houses at least 70% of your immune system, and is the place where blood sugar is balanced, where nutrients are absorbed, and where our biological-based feelings of wellbeing are manufactured. Harmful yeast, candida, and bad bacteria feed on sugar. The microbiome of “good critters” in our gut feed on prebiotics, which come from fibrous, whole foods like apples, raw vegetables, stevia, onions, whole grains like oatmeal (organic & non-GMO), and more.

If you have been consuming sugar, one of the best presents you could give your body is to replace sugar with natural sweets. Go for about 2 fruits a day, or a limited amount of raw honey, organic maple syrup, etc. You want to aim for 24 grams of total fruit/natural sweeteners or fruits a day. Divide the number of sugar grams by 4, and it will give you the number of teaspoons.
Shoot for no more than 6 teaspoons per day, maximum, to help keep yourself free from food-related disease. Stevia is a good option, since it is a prebiotic that tastes like sugar but registers most like a vegetable in your body!

Here are a couple of sweet treats that taste awesome but won’t make your immune system shrivel

“Pucker Up” Raw Key Lime Pie
by Anna BurtFilling:
1/2 cup coconut cream, juice from 5-8+ limes, depending on how tart you like it; zest from 2 limes; 2 cups of cashew nuts, pre-soaked in warm water for 20 minutes; 2 TBSP raw honey (or honey); Stevia powder–like Sweet Leaf brand (add in small amounts as you go along, as it is powerful).

2 cups cashews (or pecans or almonds or walnuts), q/w tsp sea salt; 1 TBSP coconut oil; Just enough water to moisten it.

Directions: Pie crust – place nuts and other crust ingredients into a food processor and blend. Press into pie pan. Pie filling – place ingredients into the blender and blend until creamy. Pour into pie crust. Zest a lime and sprinkle on the surface. Add lime slices, too. Freeze for about 6 hours. Pull out about an hour before serving, and then cut and serve!

Among other dishes, find out how to make zucchini lasagna, satisfying whole grain/salad/soup bowls, and raw as well as baked desserts to leave your mouth watering.

If you’d like to delve further into healthier sweets to delight your taste buds, I would like to recommend the Paleo Sweets cookbook, by Kelsey Ale. The sweeteners used are natural and not generally in high amounts. Here are some of the delectable “tasties” from this cookbook: French coconut pie, Slice-n-bake brownie cookies, salted caramel ice cream, paleo Oreos, Mini flourless chocolate cakes, Blueberry no-bake cheesecake, Flour-less fudge brownie bites, and more. The titles sound like junk food, but the ingredients are quality and work well together, and involve none of the “Kryptonite” processed sugars, flours, and bad fats. Browse more here:

It’s important that we feed ourselves quality, healthy foods. And, it’s important to take steps, even small ones, to be well! “Every good meal helps you”, I always like to say! We have enough to consume our time and attention and don’t need to add illness to it. God gave us an incredible blessing in the ability to care for our temples.

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