Private Health Coaching

How you benefit

Get Your Results FASTER

Anna will fast-track your success by suggesting specifically which steps to take and what to focus on each week.  Recover your health in 3-6 months, with the option to coach longer if necessary.

Gain Exclusive SUPPORT

One-on-one accountability and having a personal “cheerleader” is the #1 way clients share that they were able to stay on track.  With a private health coach, your health journey easily becomes your LIFESTYLE.

GET ANSWERS for All Your Questions

Courses and Do-it-Yourself health plans are good for some people, but you may want your questions answered specifically in private coaching as they arise.  See how your questions factor into your healing journey and know exactly what to do.


Eat Well and lose weight without the hassle.

Get this free two-week meal plan (including all recipes and shopping lists!) that will give you more energy, help you lose weight, and make you feel wonderful!

Free two-week meal plan

Eat Well and lose weight
without the hassle.

Get this free two-week meal plan (including all recipes and shopping lists!) that will give you more energy, help you lose weight, and make you feel wonderful!

How I can help...

Do you need ENERGY?

Do you have any health issues that bother you?

Have you tried other plans and diets with no lasting success?

If YES is your answer, our health coaching may be perfect for you!

There are countless health plans and nutritional services offered today. But, honestly, they aren’t all created equal.

Why choose the Revive Health Institute for your wholeness journey?

That’s a great question!

At Revive Health Institute, we know that being well means being sound in body, mind, and spirit.

For too long we have allowed sub-par existence to be defined as “life”!

Yet, true LIFE is what Jesus wants for His Beloved!

But, here’s the thing: it must be doable, enjoyable, and sustainable! (It can’t work for a week and then cease to be effective!)

Also, people are BUSY these days. We’re all working on that reality, to “dial it down”. We all want rest. Any good health program must help you heal within the bounds of your schedule right now. You will naturally make adjustments as you feel freed to do so. It’s really amazing!

Most health professionals know some about how to help the body. But what you need is someone who has a broad as well as deep understanding of wellness.

Anna Burt is a certified holistic health coach who is highly knowledgeable in food, nutritional choices and Biblical inner healing, including (but not limited to):

  • biochemistry
  • raw foods
  • food combining
  • various dietetic approaches
  • the most nutritive foods, including superfoods
  • supplements
  • holistic health and healing
  • nutritional detoxification
  • lifestyle transformations (that affect your home and professional spheres) and so much more!

But what’s great is that we take all of that information, and we refine it. For you. Because the above list is a lot for most people to sift through.

This frees you up to go forward in our Align Program and simply take the steps designed to get you well.

You don’t need to do countless hours of research and try to wade through all of the information out there to figure out what you should do. That’s our job. Your part is to commit to your success and follow the baby steps in your plan!

Check out our client success stories for more info on how others have been incredibly helped through our health coaching.

Because we take great care and effort to tailor a plan that suits YOUR personal needs and health profile, coaching positions are limited. Don’t wait to get your wellness where you want it!

In order to determine if you are a good fit for health coaching, please fill out our application.

"Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." ~ Jeremiah 33:6

Here's How It Works...

Private coaching is the most effective way to recover your best health!


FREE Personalized Health Strategy Session

• • •
Book your free 45-minute strategy call and meet with Anna.
• • •
She looks at your health history and presents your 6-month in-depth health strategy.
• • •
Enroll in private coaching.


Create Your Recovery Plan

• • •
Anna will supply you with your 6-month Health Strategy plan that will be helpful to you even if you only choose to do private coaching for 3 months.
• • •
All menus are included but are not required.
• • •
You will have your own set of goals that she will help you create so that you can tangibly track your progress!


Coaching Calls & Check-ins

• • •
Every other week you will have a 30-minute coaching call with Anna.  During this call you share progress and any challenges.  Anna helps you tweak your plan to fit where you are, and sends you a re-cap email after every call.

• • •
This re-cap email shows you exactly what to focus on during the coming week.  The re-cap is aligned with your goals so that you are on-track for success.

• • •
On the weeks where you do not have a scheduled call, check in by quick text or email.  There is freedom to share imperfections and struggles!

• • •
Anna specializes in helping you wherever you feel stuck, and to suggest a better, more freeing step for you.

• • •
This is not about you “following Anna’s program perfectly”.  It’s about the program that is right for you – and Anna becomes your best support, next to Jesus!


Watch Weekly Success Videos

• • •
Each week plan to set aside about an hour to view your weekly success video.  These will help to train, motivate, encourage and inspire you.
• • •
You can still progress without the videos, but your best long-term health recovery depends on your understanding WHY you make changes, not just that you make changes.
• • •
We will regularly check in to assess your goals and see which ones are being met and which ones need extra TLC.  You’ll love how you feel as you improve and revitalize!


Individualized 6-Month Goals

Feel good about your 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month goals.  We make them attainable, not unrealistic.

Your Recommended Supplements List

We can all get a lot of nutrients we need from thoughtfully-planned meals (done-for-you).  But know which supplements could speed up your health goals and have the power to choose them!

24/7 Access to Online Training Center

When you have extra time, invest in yourself by training.  You are building a legacy for generations after you!

Optional Monthly Inner Circle Group Coaching Call

Want more connection with others who have health questions and are going through the Masterclass or private coaching?  Join the optional monthly Inner Circle group coaching calls.

Facebook Support Group

This is a fun and great way to connect with your health peers!  Find recipes, get ideas, and share support!

Exclusive Access to Anna

Private coaching allows you to get your questions answered and have that satisfaction that a trained and caring health professional is tracking with you each day!

Enriching Resources & Events

Discover a storehouse of beneficial resources, including local farms, sources for raw milk, where to buy items in bulk, the best outlets for supplements, how to eat well on a budget, and so much more!

Additional Discounts

Private coaching entitles you to offers you would not otherwise receive anywhere else.  Get free access to any events Anna hosts for the entire coaching contract! 

A Trusting, Supportive Relationship with Your Coach

Know that what you share is kept confidential and is held with the utmost respect and admiration.  No issue that is important to you will be dismissed, and you can rest assured that you cannot disappoint me, because Anna is here for YOU!

What Clients Share About Private Coaching...

Book Your Free Personalized
Health Strategy Session

Book your FREE 45-minute call with Anna to start the ball rolling on the best way for you to recover your full health. This is your time to be well!

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