Drink THIS to Detox Heavy Metals!

Drink THIS to Detox Heavy Metals!

Great job for taking the initiative to care about your health!

Your health is the asset you have to give – to the Lord, to yourself, to your family, and to generations of people.

While most of us are learning to re-vitalize our health by watching what we eat, how we exercise, and when and how we sleep, we may not be considering how environmental pollutants can make withdrawals from our body’s wellbeing.

Toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, harmful microbes, smog, polluted water sources, and more are all affecting us, EVERY DAY.  Whether we live in a grass-less city and rely upon urban gardening, or we make our dwelling in a fertile country abode, we are all in a symbiotic relationship with our environment.  And our particular environment is always in a state of fluctuating health.  You may be able to control what fertilizers and pesticides you use on your own lawn and garden, but what about what gets deposited on your land?  How about pollutants in rain water, air, and sediment?

Fortunately, much can be done to combat and counteract these negative health forces.

Not only would we be wise to detox ourselves from toxins several times a year, but we also need to be incorporating activities and nutritional elements into our lifestyles which will be working to detox us EVERY DAY.

One area of toxicity that I would like to highlight is that which arises from exposure to heavy metals.  Heavy metals, like mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, etc., get into our bodies through unclean water sources (including, and especially, tap water!), environmental sprays, pesticides, rainwater gathering minerals and metals as it travels, vaccines, some dental work, bottled water, non-organic and non-natural personal hygiene products, etc.

Heavy metals have a tendency to build up in your body’s tissues and organs until they are detoxed.

When you have a build-up of these metals, it can cause many health issues, some of which are subtle and may not seem to be linked to anything.  For example:

You can get tested by having bloodwork done through a reputable laboratory.

Happily, there is much you can do NATURALLY and DAILY to keep yourself as free as possible from these heavy metals and other pollutants!

To safely flush out toxins, consume fresh or tincture of cilantro, garlic, chlorella, spirulina, and…WHEATGRASS.  According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., cilantro may be the only edible substance effective at taking toxic mercury out of intracellular spaces and from cell nuclei.

Eating foods rich in sulfur (eggs, beans, legumes, the cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) also help to cleanse your body of its toxic load.  Grassfed meats, pastured egg yolks, members of the allium family (garlic, onions, etc.) are also a great source of sulfur.  One of the most spot-lighted medicinal plants at the moment, Turmeric, also helps the health of kidneys and liver, is an awesome cancer fighter (along with one of its products, curcumin).  While you’re at it, add Alpha-lipoic acid to your diet in the form of beets, organ meats, broccoli, spinach, potatoes (go for red), and more.

For now, wheatgrass is such an easy way to get in so many active components of radiant health.

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